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Everton of the English Premier League (EPL) was severely punished with a 10-point deduction for violating financial regulations.

The EPL secretariat announced on the 17th (local time) that “Everton violated the ‘Profitability and Sustainability Regulations (PSR)’ and was deducted 10 points.”

As a result, Everton, who recorded 4 wins, 2 draws, and 6 losses this season and earned 14 points, suddenly dropped to 4 points and fell to 19th place and was placed in the relegation zone.

The EPL enforces its own management regulations, which prohibit losses of 105 million pounds (approximately 169 billion won) per year. However, Everton incurred a loss of 124.5 million pounds (approximately 200 billion won) in the 2021-22 season, and was subject to such disciplinary action.

Everton, who were deducted for the first time after financial regulations were introduced in the EPL, immediately expressed their intention to appeal.

Everton said, “It is difficult to understand the decision of the EPL secretariat. “I am disappointed,” he said. “The club has been faithful to the requests of the EPL Secretariat. “We decided that this sanction was unfair and expressed our intention to appeal,” he said. 카지노사이트랭크

As Everton's disciplinary action is decided, local attention is paid to Manchester City and Chelsea. Gary Lineker, a former England national team member who is currently active in broadcasting, said, “It will be interesting to see if other clubs are also sanctioned.” 고스톱